History of New School of Languages

The New School of Languages opened to the public on January 1, 1980. It was founded by Ruben Miranda and a group of young educators.

The school started teaching Conversational English and Spanish, but other languages such as French and Italian followed soon after. Other courses like the SAT and TOEFL practices are also offered on a regular basis. There are also special tutorial sessions and summer programs for the young crowd.

The initial goal was to bring excellent languages services to the community and to the local industry.

Our initial program had an immediate acceptance since our curricula focused on the practical business side of the languages learned.

Some of the techniques we use emphasize the basic language learning capacities such as Auditory Comprehension, Oral Production, Reading & Writing Skills, and grammatical awareness through methods such as Whole Language, Suggestopedia, Globalization, and The Functional-Notional Approach.